The Attic, 218 S Montezuma Street, Prescott

The Fabulous Attic is fast becoming the place to be to come see & hear up close intensely exciting, gratifying blues music you can feel way down in your soul! This invigorating band of blues artisans on 9/8/22 will be electrifying leaving you wanting more! Friends and fellow musicians I cannot wait to see y’all and please do not forget your dancing shoes!

Now, This is going to be cool as heck! All of these bands are close friends so you can probably expect there to be quite the rollicking fun and partying going on! And it's on the historic site of the home of the Buffalo Soldiers during the Apache wars! A lot of Western history there and we're going to see if we can make us a little more! For sure, start making your plans now! Its a 2 day affair so you might even think about getting a hotel room or Air BnB so you can just whoop it up to your heart's content without having to worry about driving anywhere!