New CD


This alluring recording is a excitingly provocative fusion of Texas, Chicago, California howlin' shufflin' muddy rockin' raw blues craftily executed by versatile talents of the highest order.  The list of veteran players energizing this album includes tasteful guitarists extraordinaire Anson Funderburgh, Tommy Castro, Igor Prado, Jeffrey Paul Ross, Alan Maggini, Bill Bates and Dennis Herrera (guitar & vocals).  The bassists rhythmic pulse masters, Dan McCann and Hank Van Sickle, the insatiable dynamic drummer Lee Campbell and the intoxicating harp player Denis Depoitre.  Outstanding notable award winning blues vocalist and harmonica player of all time Lynwood Slim (Richard Dennis Duran).  Last but in no uncertain terms least playing piano, organ and wurlitzer Rich Wenzel the owner and operator of Ardent Audio Productions who also co-produced and engineered the recording session in its entirety.

This is a very solid, self released, twelve track outing graced with an enticing sound of sharp originals inspired by the multitude of distinguished blues master musicians and singers past and present, so sit yourself down, kick back. relax, pour yourself your favorite refreshment turn it up and enjoy the Dennis Herrera Blues Band, Livin' Life Not Worryin'.  Cheers! ~DH