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   "If there's one track on Livin' Life Not Worryin' that sums up Herrera as a musician, it's The Sun in Shining.  This soulful blues tune built on major chords features optimistic lyrics and plenty of solo space for the rest of the band.  The Dennis Herrera Blues Band's positive vibe is a refreshing departure from the "badass" image that so many white blues musicians feel is mandatory.  This alone makes Herrera a welcome new face on today's blues scene."- Jon Klienman


LA HORA DEL BLUES,  Oct. 10, 2015

"Twelve songs where the inspiration and the excellent work of all these guest artists shines at a very high level, together with Dennis’ band including Dennis Herrera vocal and guitar, Denis Depoitre harmonica, Hank Van Sickle bass, Rich Wenzel piano, organ and wurlitzer and Lee Campbell drums. All of them show how their real and genuine blues has to be played to make it sound passionate and deep rooted with no affectation or an excessively polite music. There is simple and well known electric blues but, what you want me to say, I madly love it. ESSENTIAL. "  - Vicente Zumel

BLUES BLAST MAGAZINE, September 10, 2015

"Deep down, what is the blues all about? Some people believe that this genre is a sad one, meant to move people to tears. It’s true some of the most common themes are heartbreak, deprivation, and irritation. Blues are meant for catharsis – an emotional release, though not necessarily one in the vein of weepy romance dramas. San Jose, California’s Dennis Herrera Blues Band is Livin’ Life Not Worryin’, and in this reviewer’s opinion, the cathartic nature of the blues is the reason why. On twelve dynamite original tracks, Herrera and several outstanding guest stars give their all to the “Hakuna Matata” (“No worries”) sentiment that they express." - Rainey Wetnight

For over 20 years, the Dennis Herrera Blues Band have been a hard working quintessential American blues band.  The group’s distinctive and powerful sound, influenced by a diversity of musical styles and blues legends manifested itself into a unique musical dynamo. Dennis Herrera’s style as a player, songwriter and bandleader can be thought of as an invigorating mix of so many inspirational influences. Known for his unprecedented simple yet complex attack, his clean & uncluttered style capitalizes on expressing the emotion and message deep within the music. 


Dennis Herrera and his band utilizes raw emotion, simplicity, and an elegance that is powerful and accessible, communicating exactly what they feel in every performance. It’s an approach that translates to their audience with fervor and grace. 


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Denise A. Herrera
DAS Entertainment
Booking Manager
Promoter band manager dedicated to blues music performance comprised of touring, festivals, broadcast, production.
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Some of the popular venues the band has been publicized, and performed:

Poor House Bistro, San Jose  CA
The CATS, Los Gatos  CA
The Pocket, Santa Cruz CA
Mojo Lounge, Fremont  CA
Arcosanti Juneteeth Festival, Arcosanti AZ
IMOLA, Huntington Beach CA
Proud Mary Southern Bar & Grill, San Diego CA
Lynwood Slim Tribute Show & Fundraiser, Long Beach CA

Arcadia Blues Club, Altadena CACA

KJAZZ Night of Indie Blues
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UK Independent Blues Broadcasters
WMHB Top 40 Blues Chart for May, June & July
Danny's Venice, Venice Beach CA
Blues n Brown Sound Fundraiser, Commerce CA
Barbara Morrison Performing Arts Center, Los Angeles CA
Godmother's Saloon, Sunset Beach CA
Triple B Romp N' Stomp Benefit, Torrance CA
JJ's Blues Club, San Jose  CA

First Cabin, Arcadia CA
Lucy's 51, Hollywood CA
Sassafras Saloon, N. Hollywood CA
Kobe Steakhouse & Lounge, Seal Beach CA