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Dennis Herrera at Lynwood Slim Tribute


Dennis Herrera was born and raised in San Jose, California just a heartbeat away from the home of the hippie generation and Golden Gate Bridge.  When asked about his music history Dennis shared, "as a kid I was introduced in the mid 60's when my mom flicked her transistor radio to a pop AM station, KLIV and I became mesmerized.  There after listening to The Yardbirds, Animals, Rolling Stones, Wilson Picket etc music became my favorite pastime on my own tube radio twenty four hours a day.  At age 15 I saw James Brown LIVE and I was blown away!".

Dennis went to count-less rock & roll, R&B, blues and soul concerts/shows in San Francisco, at the Fillmore, Winterland, Avalon Ballroom, and juke-joint blues clubs.  Dennis' fondly recounts his first guitar bought by his grandfather who played guitar.  Dennis proceeded to practice and play in bands with friends, "My friends wanted to be rock stars & we put our first band together loads of fun and the girls dug it".  "My first performance was at my high school, I was flunking music class & in order to pass my teacher suggested I play for the student talent show.  Nervous I went on stage with a friend and covered the Richie Havens song Freedom from the film Woodstock.  I’ll never forget what a major rush that was and I passed with an A grade!".  Early on Dennis learned his favorite rock groups he listened to covered songs penned by Willie Dixon, Sonny Boy Williamson, B.B. King, Howling Wolf, John Lee Hooker etc.  "It's been blues ever since struggling to consistently play music as a profession, I found myself re-directed a number of times but have always come back to playing the blues, I did not join any established blues bands to my chagrin, I have had opportunity but instead chosen to spearhead and lead various blues projects to date, I've tried a variety of catchy band names thinking they were original but soon found out they were taken, so I simply settled with my birth name for the band".

                                     Dennis Herrera

Denis Depoitre - Harmonica

Denis Depoitre

Denis was born and raised in Paris, and grew up listening to many American and British rock and heavy metal bands. I took a liking to the harmonica in the late nineties, inspired by listening to William Clarke among various other blues artists. From then on I began to learn harmonica on my own. I was lucky to have met Bird of Paradise in San Francisco, who introduced me to Paul Osher. Meeting and performing with a string of pioneers of blues from RJ Mischo to Kim Wilson to Mitch Kashmar definitely improved and solidified my harmonica-playing career and got me to where I am today. Finally, I must mention Babe and Ricky's as the place that truly brought together my career and introduced me to numerous more blues artists.


Denis Depoitre

Lee Campbell - Drums

Originally from New Jersey, Lee Campbell now lives in Los Angeles where he has recorded and performed with William Clarke, James Harman, Jody Williams, and Billy Boy Arnold among others.   Lee’s association with popular blues artists has taken him to Europe, Canada, and across the Unites States and his playing can be heard on numerous CD’s and movie sound tracks.

Lee Campbell

Lee Campbell

Sid Morris - Piano

   Sid MorrisFeaturing traditional blues and boogie-woogie piano styles from New Orleans to Chicago to the West Coast, pianist SID MORRIS presents an exiting, unique brand of barrelhouse music.  Currently living in San Jose, California, Sid has been performing since 1970 and continues to be an active member of the music community in the San Francisco Bay Area.

   Sid was raised in Houston, Texas in the late 1950’s before his family moved west.  He performed at the very first San Francisco Blues Festival in 1973 and subsequently appeared at four other SF Blues Festivals.  Alberto Gianquinto, the brilliant San Francisco pianist who helped co-found the original James Cotton Blues Band, mentored Sid during his early years on the music scene.  In 1976, Sid participated in the now legendary recording of the album, Blue Bay, a blues anthology featuring the elite of Bay Area musicians such as Luther Tucker, Charlie Musselwhite, Sonny Rhodes, Gary Smith, and Ron Thompson.

   Currently Sid is in demand as a pianist for many blues artists and remains active in the San Francisco Bay Area music scene.  He records and appears with fellow musicians such as Mark Hummel, Chris “Kid Anderson, Steve Freund, Wendy DeWitt, Ron Thompson, Rusty Zinn, and Gary Smith, to name a few, as well as solo appearances mainly in the South Bay Area. 

    Recently Sid’s CD, Take Me Back, recorded at Kid Andersen’s Greaseland studios, received critical acclaim from Vintage Guitar Magazine music critic Dan Forte who stated, “Sid Morris has been a best kept secret too long.  Kudos to Greaseland  Records for giving him the floor and letting him strut his stuff”.  (March ’09 Issue)  

   Presenting the heritage of American blues and boogie-woogie to people who enjoy this rich culture is a deep passion of Sid’s so make it worth your while to pay him a visit.

Sid Morris

Paul Kenedy - Bassist

Paul Kenedy bassist

I started playing bass at age 13 out of necessity "my cousins had a band and needed a bass player; I wanted to be in the band and it took hold and never let go." After living and playing in my native New York, New England and Detroit, my job brought me to Los Angeles. I've been playing electric and upright bass for almost 20 years with the great John Marx, helping him produce his 2002 CD "With A Feeling." I've played with several professional musicians such and met Dennis in 2012 and am excited about playing with The Dennis Herrera Blues Band.

Paul Kenedy

Bill Bates - Guitarist

Bill Bates

Bill Bates was born and raised in Apple Valley, California playing guitar for various notable blues groups for over 20 years, "I have played in bands with JJ Bad Boy Jones, Elmore James Jr. (european tour and Canada tour) and recently recorded a cd with Filmore Slim". Bill's musical influences include his favorite guitar players Louis Myers and Jimmy Dawkins, also on his list of legendary greats he endlessly enjoys listening to are Eddie Taylor and the magic of Earl Hooker.  




Bill Bates